Children's world photo shop on Lubyanka-summer 2016 year

Children's world photo shop on Lubyanka-summer 2016 year
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Detskiy Mir, whose photo you see in this material are made in August 2016 onwards and this is not the children's world, which was one of the symbols of Moscow. Even the name of the store today more-central children's shop, and "children's world" brand belongs to the network of the company and stores under that name can be seen all over Moscow. Wildly course, but a store that carried the name of "children's world" for nearly half a century has lost its name, however, and many in our country. Business, however.

In General, I must say that after all the children's world remained the children's shop, even under a different name-and this is a miracle. In the 90-ies in this shop baby goods edged out the others, including cars. It sold all-one solid Bazaar. But in 2000-e shop returned to his original role.

It all started in the year 1953. The building of the Central children's world was constructed by the architect Alexey Dushkin. Actively participated in the design and construction of Anastas Mikoyan-legendary personality. It is to him that we owe many innovations in trade and production of CONSUMER GOODS and food products.

Children's world was built on the site of the Lubânskogo passage and part of foundations and basements of the old building were used in the construction of a new one.

Children's world has become one of the largest specialized children's shops in Europe. And it was a really huge shop for its time-seven floor with an area of 58 thousand square meters, 2 underground floors. The appearance of the store was conceived as part of an ensemble of Dzerzhinsky square and was executed in the style of "Stalin Empire style". Although the architecture of the building is already visible trend of 60-ies-industrial minimalism of the Khrushchev era. Part of the decisions were not implemented because of new trends and began the fight against architectural excesses ".

In 2000-e owner building HALs-development company, which in 2006 announced its intention to undertake a reconstruction of the building. It was a lot of controversy, but the company has made her and in year 2008 the store was closed for renovation. As a result of the reconstruction of the internal appearance of the building has completely changed. Space increased by 20 thousand square meters. This, in my opinion, and it was the main cause of reconstruction. Business is business. The good news is that the appearance of the building has not changed. And the inner-if people are comfortable, why not … All the same time manâtsâ and children's shop is a trading platform and not a museum. But, still sorry.  By the way, Central children's Museum Store at Lubyanka, as is now called the shop, too.

Photo of child World-pictures of Central children's store at Lubyanka-August 2016 year

Detsky Mir on Lubyanka photo year 2016

Central children's shop at Lubyanka

Detskiy Mir

Children world at Lubyanka

Photo of child world

Children Mir on Lubyanka square

A neighbor child's world and yet another symbol of the epoch-rear of the CHEKA-KGB-FSB
A neighbor child's world and yet another symbol of the epoch-rear of the CHEKA-KGB-FSB

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