Collages of postcards of the beginning of 20-th century-free photo collages

Collages of postcards of the beginning of 20-th century-free photo collages
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Collages of postcards-popular materials in design. If you pay attention to the sites and the illustrations in the books, often greeted did collages made from sets of cards from different eras. These materials are quite popular and are in demand, if you want to tell something about the era.

Photo collage of postcards

In his time, trying to take pictures with a pulse of light, I made a batch of these collages of old postcards, which when bought at a flea market. Not a bad idea, and part of the photos were posted on several photobanks and occasionally even sold. But photos have made many and most of the way and lay untreated. Here's your hands yet, and a collection of these photos I decided to lay out in free access-all pictures with crew members can download for free and use on your own in design or on their resources. If you decide to put a link to this page, then I do not obižus′:)

It is worth noting that old postcards is a very interesting material for the study of the era. It is possible to study fashion, manners, behavior, the interests of the people. Although these cards we see the perfect view of the world. It is today popular all sorts of horrors, and at the beginning of the 20th century had other ideas about beauty. What I noticed, so this raid the sentimentality practically on all postcards. Yes, of course, and today women and girls on the postcards are very often depicted in romantic style. But in the beginning of 20-th century romanticism had more. Romance and sentimentality.

Somehow read that old postcards to bulk buyer vulgar and corny. Beg to differ with this statement. People got used to the hard realism in photography is difficult to understand what the author wanted to show cards. But if you compare the eras, then people criticizing the old photographic art now live in less hard and more secure and prosperous world. If someone in history is heard only crunch French rolls, then read "Moscow and Muscovites" Bolshaya Nikitskaya. Not very romantic life has been the majority.

I presented collages made from romantic greeting cards. It seems to me, this compilation will be interesting. Anyway I hope so

Free photo collages of postcards

a collage of old postcards

photo collage of postcards from pudrennicej

a collage of vintage postcards

collage of postcards with the old Bill

free photo collage

photo collage free

retro collage

collage with congratulations

photo collage

retro collage


Free photo collages with objects

And here is a small selection of collages with candles, glasses, černil′nicami-so, for the decoration and atmosphere

Candle and postcard

Candle and postcard

collages of postcards

collage with candles

collage with cognac glass

photo collage with cognac glass

collage with glass and outfit sugar toys

collage of postcards with a glass

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