Photo of old Arbat-winter walk

Photo of old Arbat-winter walk
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Picture of the old Arbat, which I am presenting today is the mandatory pictures that bring tourists, visited Moscow. Arbat, one of Moscow's most famous streets and not only in Moscow. 25 years ago the Arbat became a hallmark of the changes that have occurred in Russia. But the Arbat is known not only by the fact that here performed by musicians of the new time and walked the informal youth.

The first mention of the Arbat we meet in Moscow Chronicles 16 century. In the year 1547 in the Chronicle reported that on Arbat street caught fire temple Revival česnago cross.

After a time of Great turmoil on Arbat street were placed also Sloboda and the Palace service.

In the year 1658 by Decree of Tsar Alexei mikhailovich Arbatskuû Street was renamed Smolensk. But this name never stuck, although nearly 50 years and existed.

Arbat not once fully vygoral-in the year 1736, in 1812. And his appearance he gained after year 1812. Of course not all times dostraivalos′ and redesigned, but the very principle of the architecture of the old Arbat.

In the year 1880 on the Arbat was launched the first Conca, and in 1908 was an electric tram started.

During the reign of I.v. Stalin Arbat became a coalition of government road and street fully controlled by the NKVD and MGB.

In 70-ies started to develop the project of transforming the Arbat pedestrian area. In 1978 the year the project was developed and realized he was in the year 1986. This year can be considered a new birth of the Arbat in the form in which it exists today.

Picture Of The Old Arbat

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