Girls at the motor show-Moscow International Motor Show

Girls at the motor show-Moscow International Motor Show
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Girls at the motor show is a tough subject for any photographer, lover to any international auto show. A professional knows exactly why he came-he came to photograph it is cars and girls-purpose secondary, albeit spectacular. Amateur photographer's eyes run up-want to take pictures of everything-and cars, and visitors, and beauties near cars.

girls at the motor show in Moscow

And what if one card and charging the battery of the camera is not unlimited. Problem.

In 2014 and 2015 and I happened to visit the MIAS, which takes place in the Exhibition Center Krokus-Expo. The visit was as much pleasant as useful. Of course, the main purpose was to prepare the cars and small reportage for a small magazine, but for his network version needed pictures with models representing cars. What could be more dramatic than Beauty next to the car. Looks, but for blogs and websites, not specializing in exclusively motoring, such pictures even better.

Girl and sports car

The work was finished, the pictures selected and published, and the remaining images were placed in the archive, where they stayed until yesterday. Today received a message from the site where one of the attendees asked if I have photos from the Moscow Motor Show? And PostScript, that interest is exactly the model that worked on the exhibition.


A few years ago I was doing photos of models that represent the work of a large tuning company. Girls need pictures in the portfolio, and for me it has been the practice. Such exhibitions are always tricky to photograph, if you are not an accredited photographer and does not work in the day, closed to ordinary visitors. then you can use light equipment, properly expose light-feel free. Work on the show when it is open to all the harder. People and šastaût and šastaût and constantly someone enters the frame.

MIAS in Crocus ExpoFew visitors who came to take some pictures for their blogs, complained that it is very difficult to photograph in this hustle.

And here's the query and the memories of their own difficulties encouraged me to believe-and why not share your photos with a car dealership.

The decision was made, but it turned out that the photos are not passed to the customer and remaining in the archive so much that put all selected entirely meaningless. Here came the decision to share the pictures into two parts: car pictures and photos of girls at the motor show. Both are beautiful, but honestly, the girls I like more:). So you first publish a compilation of photos of girls with a car dealership and auto leave for later.

Girls at the Moscow International Automobile Salon-2014-2015 years.

Moscow International Motor Show

girl at the show

Girl on the Hyundai booth
Girl on the Hyundai booth

Girl, rekalmiruûŝaâ sporting car model

Stendistka at the exhibition

Sports car and girl
The girl and the new Lada Sport

At the booth of the automobile company

Model at the exhibition

Dancing around auto

New car and girl

Girl and electric car

Girl in red

Model at the motor show

Working model at the motor show

Black and white photography exhibition models

Girl in car

Let's close with the car

Beauty next to the car

At the auto show

Girl and car

At the motor show girls-MIAS 2014-2015

Car girls best friend
Car girls best friend


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