Hermitage garden photo from the Festival meal

Hermitage garden photo from the Festival meal
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Hermitage garden photo from event dedicated to eating all types you see in this article, is that there are a variety of festivals and contests. This is one of the most famous Moscow sites, where you can arrange an informal event for the benefit of visitors and organizers.

Food festivals are held in the Hermitage garden regularly, and despite the rather expensive tickets (500), it is visited by many people.

What good are these holidays? The Festival meal demonstrates not only dishes prepared by chefs from around the world. At many sites, you can see these concerts and performances. That is, it's a full-fledged festival not only of gastronomy, but street art. Singers and artists of different genres.

And most importantly-festivals such a great place to practice in the field of street photography. If the Festival take the camera, excellent shots you provided.

Positive emotions, people, just sketches-all is a classic street photography.

To introduce to your attention a selection of photos from one of the Food Festivals in Hermitage

Food Festival in Hermitage, Moscow 2012 year

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