How to make black and white photo with color-video

How to make black and white photo with color-video
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How to make black and white photo with color elements-today show you how to quickly make a picture black and white, leaving a colored item.

We use the Lojtrum program to work. In Photoshop to get black white photo with color elements can be no less just, but Lightroom more accessible costs and any photographer this program number 1. Although it's personally my opinion.

What color item on black and white background? Primarily this technique enjoyed advertising photographers when shooting jewelry, watches, kettles, and other goodness.  Any colored object on a black and white background attracts attention.

In art photography also uses this technique. Green or red cat eye, bright subject in black and white the reality. Many tasks can be solved using this technique. For example, you can emphasize the eye color of your beloved cat.


In a small video I told how fast do black white photo with color elements on an example of street photography.

Configure the processing black and white area are the same as when processing black and white photography in General. But for correction brush basic tools combined into one field. Remove the saturation to zero, and then set the sharpness, clarity and contrast according to the concept of photography.

What to look for:

  1. Editing a photo by using the adjustment brush we get two field, each of which can have their own settings. In the tutorial I showed you how to edit quickly with already selected black and white adjustment settings area. Color processing area was carried out after the creation of black and white. You can do it differently. First, edit the image and picking up the color, saturation, and then separately edit the black and white area with your settings.
  2. In my lesson was not required in cropping. But this is not always the case. It is worth remembering that the colored object attracts the attention and correctly built composition can affect perception of photography in General.
  3. If you decide to leave the color element, then think about the appropriateness and purpose. What you want to say with such a reception? This is important not only for photography but also for street.
  4. In Lightroom, if you use a small monitor, you can skip the stain, leave the area of rough. It's still a fast processing. So, handle carefully.
  5. Of course, Photoshop processing easier. You can cut our color object and handle separately each area on a separate layer. But in field conditions, traveling on a laptop Photoshop is a complex and it is heavier, and Laytrum gives a universal tool for photos.


The original photo:

the original photo before processing

After the treatment:

How to make black white photo with color elements

How to make black and white photo with color elements-video lesson

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