Moscow City Hall-some night photos

Moscow City Hall-some night photos
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Moscow City Hall, located on a main Moscow Street on at Tverskaya 13-not only the administrative building and the seat of power. This beautiful historic building, built in the 18th century as the residence of the Governor-General of Moscow. The Palace was built in the year 1782 by the famous architect Kazakov M.f.  This is a typical sample of Russian classicism. When construction of the building has been used stone, remaining at disassembly of the old fortress wall-White City.

The residence of the Governor-General of Moscow lasted till 1917 year. With the advent of the new Government, the building is located the Mossovet. Now it's Moscow City Hall. In the same building is the press service of the Moscow Mayor.

It is worth noting that on Tverskaya Street, which has historically been the main Moscow Street, there are many beautiful buildings, but even among all this architectural splendour, barring the City Hall. Strong, simple-classic architecture.

We bring to your attention a few pics of the Moscow City Hall made the September night. Night architectural photos always more dramatic, if there is a backlight. Light emphasizes the beauty of the building.

You can download free pictures and use them on your own. I'm not asking to specify the authorship of the photo, but if you do, you'll be thankful.

Moscow City Hall-photo, night September 2015

the building of the Moscow City Hall at night

Photo of the Moscow City Hall

Moscow City Hall

Entrance to the Moscow Mayor's Office

Moscow City Hall

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The Moscow Mayor's Office on the map

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