Moskvoretsky bridge night photos

Moskvoretsky bridge night photos
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Moskvoretsky bridge is considered to be one of the oldest in Moscow. Even in the 15 century on this place was the bridge. In the 18 century was built a wooden, and in the second half of 19 after the fire were set metal supports of the bridge. Moskvoretsky bridge got its name from the Moscow River Street at that time …

Modern look, Moskvoretsky bridge acquired in the year 1938. Authors-V.s. Kirillov, A.v. Schusev, Tm Sardar′ân.

Moskvoretsky bridge got its name from the Moscow River Street.

The bridge is in modern times became sad. In the year 87 bridge landed on a light plane Mathias Rust previously flying across the border, while in February the year 2015 on the bridge was shot by Boris Nemtsov.

However, despite the unfortunate events, this bridge is the Crown Jewel of the Moscow architecture. Powerful, large-554 meters and wide. Its width of 40 meters. The bridge is beautiful, and night and day.

Large photo of the Moskva River Bridge-night July September 2015

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Moskvoretsky Bridge on a map of Moscow

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