Night of the Kremlin-photo September 2015

Night of the Kremlin-photo September 2015
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Night of the Kremlin-photos of the night of the Kremlin, some of the most spectacular photos illustrating the capital of Russia. Every day thousands of people are photographed against the backdrop of the Kremlin groups one by one.

Night life around an ancient symbol of Moscow not just boils and rages. Thousands of tourists from around the world to roam about red square it is at night. Night light towers, churches and walls make the old fortress in fantastic contraption. There is strength and power. This can be felt physically.

Photographing the night of the Kremlin is not difficult, although there are nuances. The most common places for photos:

Moskvoretsky bridge, overlooking the Vasilyevsky spusk, Spasskuû Tower, St .Basil's Cathedral and red square. With this bridge, you can take a picture of the Kremlin from three angles. This site. Most near-you can take pictures of Kremlin embankment and the Kremlin wall. Great camera angle with the flow of cars. For a more complete view of the Kremlin can be photographed with the latest platform bridge. From the middle of the bridge is obtained an excellent view on the Moscow river.

Bolshoy Kamenny bridge is another perspective. From the playground opposite the Vodotvodnoj Tower offers excellent views of the road junction. In the evening, had not yet slept the flow of cars, produces excellent dynamic pictures.

Good pictures are obtained with the Sofia promenade. You either do not interfere, except to Moscow river pleasure ships. They swim from spring until late autumn, while ice does not arise.

To introduce to your attention a selection of photos that you can download and use them as you want. The only request-not worth to exhibit them on sale in unprocessed form. And Oh, if you want, you can put a link to the site. This is not required, but all of a sudden …

Night of the Kremlin-photo September 2015

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