Patriarchal bridge-night photography

Patriarchal bridge-night photography
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Patriarshy bridge is one of the most beautiful modern bridges in Moscow. It has long been a favorite with photographers, and not only in Moscow. Be in Moscow and did not take Patriarchal bridge-count that was not in Moscow.

The bridge was opened in the year 2005. It connects Prečistenskuû and Bersen′evskuû nabererežnuû, goes through a Marsh island and ends at ENA Yakinskaya promenade. If the storonyj of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior bridge completed, at the other end of the never completed. There's still probably not finally decided it would be. But part of that portion of the bridge, which goes over the Moscow river excellent.

The bridge was built by the architect М. Posohina, artist w. Tsereteli and engineers as well. Kolchin and about. Čemerinskogo. Steel structure of the bridge creates a feeling of lightness, when viewed from the side. But the bridge has already been lost and ease understand that solid construction.

Rare day turns out exactly the pictures of the bridge. Tourists, managers, forever rushing people. That's another story and soon I'll post pictures of the everyday life of the patriarchal bridge. Today I would like to submit photos of the night illuminated bridge Patriarchal. This is another story-the magic.

Patriarshy bridge Photo Gallery-all photos you can download and use them on your own, besides selling in raw form. I don't require reference to the source or author photos, but if you put a link or specify authorship, will be thankful.

Photo of the patriarchal bridge to view and download

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Patriarshy bridge on map

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