Photo of Dmitrov done in February 2017

Photo of the Town of Dmitrov
Photo of Dmitrov done in February 2017
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Photo of Dmitrov done in February 2017. Yes, of course, winter weather with clouds, but I can’t complain – the winter in Central Russia rarely happy Sunny weather.

Dmitrov is a small provincial town in the Moscow region. Why I call him old-fashioned? So he was a real small County town. Same as 100 or 20 years ago. This does not diminish the city, but adds to his originality. Anyway, if you want to see the real Russia, come to just such a city is small and rich in history. The cities retain their life, their identity, even in the most difficult times. People remember and preserve the history, traditions and thus preserve the city itself.

What can you say about the city? Dmitrov – a town old and he was almost the same age as Moscow. It was founded by Yuri Dolgoruky in 1154 and named after the son of Vsevolod the Big Nest. You say, but where does Vsevolod the town called Dmitrov? The fact that the baptized name of Vsevolod was Dmitry. In those days it was customary to have two names, one personal name, and the other baptized.

The city has repeatedly resolved, the change of princes and in 1334, the city became the center of specific Dmitrov Principality. In the year 13384 Dmitrov Principality became part of Moscow. Since then, the city and became a district or a district center of the Moscow state. The city is experiencing and the periods of prosperity when it was the center of trade and transit of goods, and periods of decline, when its value falls and the inhabitants moved to a more “lively” places. The decline of the city contributed to the actions of Ivan the terrible, when was executed the last Prince of Dmitrov, and the city passed into the Oprichnina. After the death of Tsar Ivan the terrible during the troubles the city ruined by the poles – were burned wooden fortifications of the Dmitrov Kremlin, and in the city to the 20-th years of the 17th century, just over 100 people.

the Earthen shaft of the Dmitrov Kremlin the photo shows the remains of the earthworks of the Dmitrov Kremlin

The city in a few years, began to revive, but never recovered until the mid-18th century, when after the construction of St. Petersburg, Dmitrov once again became a commercial transit town on the way supply the new capital of the Russian state.

At the end of the 18th century became the center of Dmitrov Dmitrov district and receives its own coat of arms. This time can be called a “Renaissance” of Dmitrov in the city to build stone buildings, churches and public buildings. The official development plan. The town developed through trade. From the mid 18th century, after the beginning of railroad construction, the city declined again, and only the construction of the road Moscow-Savelovo displays the city from the drowsy state. In the city there are industrial enterprises. Since the early 20th century the city became the industrial center of the Moscow province, and later the area. 30 years of the last century Dmitrov becomes the center of the grandiose construction of the channel Moscow-Volga. 30 wives the years in a growing number of industrial enterprises and of the quiet garden district, Dmitrov became an industrial centre that lasts until the early 90-ies, when the whole industry of the country started to decline, businesses to close one of the others. The construction was stopped, and it seemed that the life went out of the city. But since the early 2000s, the city began to slowly come to life. Gradually he began to improve. In the city there has been growth in the number of residents and in 2016 in Dmitrov began to live more people than in the late Soviet era.

Photos of Dmitrov – winter 2017

Photos of fun city should start from the station – it is, of course, the usual for small towns, but …

Station Dmitrov

After all Dmitrov city is ancient and it attracts the historical part of the photographer – the Kremlin, with the remnants of the earthworks around, restored for tourists and residents of the entrance, a wooden gate with towers and churches of the city.

the entrance gate of the Dmitrov Kremlin

In the city there are private and regular 19th-and early 20th century.

Merchant house strictly Dmitrov and merchants ‘ houses are strictly Dmitrov Home Dmitrov the House of Dmitrov

the Cathedral of the assumption Cathedral of the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary

Cathedral of the Dormition

Cathedral of the Dormition

Dmitrov Kremlin

 Elizabethan Church. and the Elizabethan Church.

the Monument to Hieromartyr Seraphim in front of the Dormition Cathedral. and the Monument to Hieromartyr Seraphim in front of the Dormition Cathedral.


the Monument to Yuri Dolgoruky in Dmitrov Monument to Yuri Dolgoruky in Dmitrov


statue of Lenin Statue of Lenin in front of the monument to Yuri Dolgoruky. Symbolic. 🙂 The

Series of figures of people of Dmitrov of the past

shapes of the residents of the Dmitrov yesteryear



figure girls

Boris-Gleb monastery (Dmitrov) Borisoglebskii monastery wall and corner tower

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