Photo of new Arbat-September 2015 year

Photo of new Arbat-September 2015 year
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Photo of new Arbat today is not as popular as other cityscapes of Moscow. Meanwhile this street has been a long time hallmark of USSR. Broad with a modern architecture, it was pleasant to the eyes, as if saying, Muscovites and guests of the capital.

Name of New Arbat street got in 1994, and before that a street was part of the Prospekt Kalinina.

New Arbat young street. Its construction began planning in 1935, and a project was only in 1963. By the way, Novy Arbat street-this was the working title from designers, although officially planned to call it Constitution Avenue.

At 90, part of the street was renamed Vozdviženku and Novy Arbat street received its name only in 1994.

In the design of buildings and the appearance of New Arbat was attended by famous architects of the time. IN THE. Posohin, A. (A). Mdoânc, G. IN THE. Makarevich, B. AND. Thor, W. (A). Airapetov, And. (A). Pokrovsky, Yu. Popov, A. Zaitseva.

Twin skyscrapers of new Arbat-steel business Carnet cardbox Moscow at that time. Their silhouettes are still valid today. These home allotted its architecture among conventional prefabricated buildings. In these homes receive apartment officials and party workers. The area was convenient and comfortable.

In the year 1970 the CMEA was built, it became the symbol of the Socialist bloc and the power of the country.

New Arbat street photo 2015 year

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