Photo of the city of Engels, saratovskaya oblast-2014-2015 year

Photo of the city of Engels, saratovskaya oblast-2014-2015 year
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Photo of the city of Engels, presented in this material, made in 2014-2015 years.

The symbol of the city Ènegel′sa-Bull with a dish with salt
The symbol of the city Ènegel′sa-Bull with a dish with salt. It is on these bulls or oxen transported salt Chumakov.

This summer photos with all the ensuing consequences from this fact. What the consequences might be if doing photos Engels summer?

Very difficult and this is an understatement. Engels-city, which stands on the border with the Zavolžskoj steppe. Summer heat reaches 40 degrees in the shade. Because the city was built in the floodplain, the steppe charms on territory it now occupies were drained marshes 40 years ago. But, as they have been, the storm sewers in the city never built-it's pointless. So in the summer in the twin evils-heat and dust.

Victory Monument
The victory monument at the entrance to the promenade

Èngel′skoj have dust there is another feature that distinguishes the Engels from other cities. Since livnevki, the dust remained in the city and ground into flour. In summer, strong or even a small wind dust rises in the upper layers and creates the effect of "white sky". As you can imagine, this fact makes it very difficult to life photographer.

Not to say so in it happens constantly, but Lucky for me and every time I arrive in town, watching this picture.

However, recent trips I made a small series of photographs of the city of Engels and decided to share them.

Yes, we can talk about the city for a long time. But my task is not included. I will mention a few facts of his story:

The town was founded as a staging post for caravans with salt in the 18th century by the order of Empress Elizabeth and was known as Pokrovskaya Sloboda.

In the 20 century, the city was renamed and it became known as Pokrovsk.

Catherine the great invited these places as the location for the settlement of colonists from the Germanic lands.

In 20 years Engels was considered the capital of the Volga Germans. Before the war the town had many descendants of German colonists. During the war the Germans were deported and began to return only in the late 50-ies.

In Engels is a military airfield, where long-range aviation aircraft are based.

The city is home to the Trolleybus factory, whose products are shipped in dozens of countries around the world.

The rest you can read online or books dedicated to the Saratov land.

Photo of the city of Engels

Rose Boulevard-shopping street

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