Photo of the Kremlin in Moscow evening, August 2014

Photo of the Kremlin in Moscow evening, August 2014
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Photo of the Kremlin in Moscow-Moscow is a classic photographers. probably everyone who has a camera in the archive has survived more than a dozen such pictures. Generally, the Kremlin can be photographed for years and every time it is possible to find something new, something previously not noticed.

Evening shooting differs from night of the Kremlin, although it seems that the only difference in the excerpt. Actually, the evening the Kremlin taking pictures harder night. Natural light and lighting-this is the main problem, in conjunction with the Moscow sky and brick walls. Sometimes the sky in photographs can become grayish shade and have to edit it in a photo. On the other hand, the evening will not use a long shutter speed, which significantly facilitates the work-as lubrication, reduces the likelihood of photos from vibrations. Especially when I photograph the Kremlin from bridges with heavy traffic. In the evening the same car in Moscow. The Kremlin in Moscow in the evening

To introduce to your attention a series of evening photos of the Moscow Kremlin, made in August 2014 years. You can download them for free and use them at your discretion. With the exception of the sale of raw photos. Do not worth it without attribution. In other cases, attribution is not required. Though, I'll be thankful, if you specify the author. All photographs size 3000h2000 pixels.

Photo of the Kremlin in Moscow in the evening

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The Kremlin on a map of Moscow

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