Photos from rally Immortal Polk 2015 year

Photos from rally Immortal Polk 2015 year
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Immortal campaign Polk this year will be held in Moscow already 4 times. For the first time the immortal Regiment took place in the city of Tomsk in 2012 year. In Moscow the first March was held in the year 2013. The most popular was the immortal March Regiment in the year 2015. In 15 year I just managed to pass with the marchers.

Immortal Regiment, Moscow 2015 year

It was an unforgettable experience. It is difficult to say how many people participated in the action, but you can say exactly what all the Tverskaya Street was filled with people whose relatives participated in the great patriotic war. We do not think in ordinary days, what actually happened in the 45 year. Of course, victory, salvation and pride-all these feelings are present. But what every family there are participants of the war that were destroyed millions of destinies that war influenced the fate of not only the country but also practically each family goes by the wayside.

On the same day, the understanding comes-millions with photographs of relatives. There is a feeling that not only grandchildren and great-grandchildren are coming on-stream, but also those whose pictures are also invisible are involved in the campaign.

Photos from rally Immortal Polk, 2015 year

Pictures of an immortal Shelf there are online. Them quite a lot and this is a photo of the participants, journalists and tourists. I also decided to put a small selection of photos from rally of 15 years.


By the way, the tourists-personally saw appalled face visitors from United States that stopped next to me. One of them asked, "what, do so many people have relatives fought or somehow involved in the war? And everyone remembers about this?

Had to answer: Yes. and this is only a small part of Muscovites, whose relatives had participated in World War II. And Yes, remember-just in the USSR were killed according to 27 million people, or nearly 14 percent of the total population of the country. These here are the percentages of Americans and kill. They stood, and looked at the people, who moved past them.

Publish a small selection of photos:

Immortal Regiment, Moscow, 2015 year.

Photos from rally Immortal Regiment, Moscow

Photos from rally Immortal Regiment

Immortal Regiment

Photos from rally Immortal Regiment, Moscow 2015 year

Action of the immortal Regiment in Moscow

Photos from rally Immortal Regiment, Moscow 2015 year

May 9, 2015 year in Moscow

Vetran on shares of Immortal Regiment

The end of the campaign the immortal Regiment

Veterans Of War

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