Street photo girls Moscow

Street photo girls Moscow
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Street girls photo is the favorite subjects of many Street photographers. Girls, women are beautiful at any time of the year always. Shooting on the street is you see and understand. Sometimes, walking around the city produces excellent shots. Generally, street photography or street photo lesson fun and akin to hunting. Do you go, look for parties and times-here it is the plot for the photo.

People on the street for a walk not linked with conditionalities, they just go, just talking and preoccupied with his thoughts. This is exactly the kind of street images look best.


Street photos of girls is a special photo. Men still even alone with themselves do not remove "social masks". Women on the street over raskrepoŝeny. This applies to all ages, but the youth is even more raskovana.


Street photography differs from staged exactly natural emotions. After all, on a photo shoot model performs what says the photographer. The photographer determines where to stand, how to look, how to smile. Even if the photographer says that need to be natural-this means that you must be a natural understanding of the photographer.

On the street the same photographer does not dictate, and observes and catches the moment. Order and good street photography that you do not know which frame you do today-maybe it will be something terrific, but may not be able to make a single picture.

If you go out into the street to make some pictures, then you should immediately be set up for a long walk. Not worth hurrying, you just need to walk and observe. Huge city will give you the plot. Not today, so the next day.

Present you a selection of photographs taken on the streets of Moscow. Photos accumulated over several years and stored in the archive. Posted in Instgramm or other social networks-here decided to share with visitors to my site.

Street girls photo-Moscow 2013-2016

An important call

In the Park


Day in the Park

Our feet are tired

Off the wall



Lovely photographer

Discussion on men


8 March

Waiting for

Street photo girls Moscow

Waiting for


On the walk

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