Where to make a beautiful photo in Moscow. Part 2-Novoarbatskij bridge

Where to make a beautiful photo in Moscow. Part 2-Novoarbatskij bridge
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Keep the story about where to make beautiful photo in Moscow. Today I want to show photos taken at Novoarbatskom bridge. Earlier, at a time when the spacecraft ploughed Universe and corn moved confidently beyond the Arctic Circle, Novorabatskij bridge called Kalininskim.

It's a beautiful bridge, built in 1957 year. It was designed in the "Giprotransmost" architects-k. Yakovlev and A.i. Suvorov. But participated in its establishment of a team of designers and engineers. The length of the bridge nearly a half-mile away. As its name indicates, this bridge connects the New Arbat and Kutuzovsky Prospekt.

Why this bridge I chose as the location from which you can make great pictures? Everything is simple-from the bridge just terrific. What do we see?

  • Government House is the massive building is especially nice at night when it is highlighted and reflected in the Moscow river.
  • Hotel Ukraine-Stalin's skyscrapers are beautiful almost everything, but then there is zest. If taking pictures from the bridge by selecting the appropriate point, visible in the background the towers of Moscow city. Contrast-modernity and history.
  • COMECON building-this building was a symbol of the might of the SOVIET UNION. It decided the fate and determined the development of the Socialist camp. And the building itself looks very impressive, even now.
  • Of course, do not forget and about the Moscow river-the river is always beautiful, even chained in carapace embankments.

Views of new Arbat is a dynamic Street with traffic flow. Night long exposure you can get beautiful photos light ribbons, which form the headlights of passing cars.

On the bridge, you can not only shoot landscapes, but also portraits. Yes and selfi good turn out.

Portrait on Novoarbatskom bridge

I picked pictures taken in 15 year-night and day. Can evaluate, and if you like it, and have not yet reached the Bridge, then download the free and unlimited:).

Views of Moscow from Novoarbatskogo bridge


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