Where you can make beautiful pictures in Moscow-part 3, Moscow City

Where you can make beautiful pictures in Moscow-part 3, Moscow City
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Where you can make beautiful pictures in Moscow-continue conversation. Moscow is a paradise for photographers, like any modern metropolis. In Moscow you can find a lot of interesting places. The photographer can realize any idea. Want to highlight a story-the Kremlin, temples of the city. If you need the history of the USSR-Stalin skyscrapers, Novy Arbat street. A modern business city-and such places can be found in Moscow.

Here we will talk about modernity. I already put a series of photos of Moscow city. Of course, the business center is not yet finished and how it will look through the 10 years present themselves is difficult, although the basic features of the complex are already visible. But now, if you want to reflect business and modern Moscow-please, MRT Exhibition and take pictures as you want. Although, there are nuances.

To photograph the city, it is best to go to the other side to Bagrationovskomu bridge and take pictures with the platform at Tower 2000. With this place produces great pictures not only of the business centre.

Moscow City reflecting the Sun

Here you can make and excellent portraits or selfi. The waterfront, too, can make and selfi and portraits.

Selfi amid Moscow City


If you want to take pictures of the Moscow city from different angles, then have to go down the embankment and walk along the promenade to Shevchenko on both sides. If taking pictures from the 3 ring road, it turns out like this. Also quite spectacular shots.

Moscow city waterfront

Trees fit right to fence and can distract from the skyscrapers and photograph yourself or your favorite satellites. River, shade from trees and buildings in the background-can get a great portrait.

Portrait of Taras Shevchenko on the waterfrontHowever, if you go on quay aside hotels Ukraine, foreground turns bagrationovsky bridge. Images are obtained even more dramatic if you want to photograph not just complex of high-rises, and create the urban landscape of the modern city.

Where you can make beautiful pictures in Moscow-Moscow City

If you move further on the way we prove to be another object, where you can make great pictures-Novoarbatskij bridge, which I covered in the previous material.

A few more pictures:

Photo on the background of the bridge and Tower 2000

Moscow City

Moscow city waterfront

Note: If you want to use on your website or in the design of a photo with a girl you can see in the pictures, you will need a "model release". You can email me-send.

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